Get the Best Natural Skin Moisturizers and Face Cleansers for Winter Skin Care

Winter is a beautiful season when one can enjoy hot beverages, outdoor activities, traveling, and a holiday with family at home. Sadly, this season does not have similarly beautiful effects on our skin. The cold, harsh weather in winter makes skin dry, rough and itchy, leaving an unpleasant and uncomfortable feeling. The best solution for this problem is a perfect skin moisturizer.

Best Natural Skin Moisturizers

The market is full of winter skincare products like body moisturizers, Sunscreen lotions,face cleansers, etc, filled with synthetic ingredients. These products initially make skin soft, but actually, clog pores and make your skin dry, inflamed, and irritated in long run. So, choosing the right product to take care of your skin is important. Thankfully, there are some effective home remedies and genuinely natural face care products available. Including these in your daily skin care routine can properly moisturize the skin, heal it, and make it smooth without leaving any harmful side effects.

Natural Body Moisturizers for Winter

Opting for a natural skin moisturizer for winter can give your face and body hydration and nourishment without leaving any harsh side effects. Trust Herb Island’s complete face& body moisturizer range. Some of our natural moisturizers are:

1. Berry Fusion Body Yogurt

berry fusion body yoghurt

Berries have ample amounts of antioxidants that can control free radicals, one of the main reasons for skin aging and damage. Berry Fusion is a perfect skin moisturizer, enriched with fresh berries and floral extracts, to make your skin free from irritation, properly hydrated and brightened. Moreover, its lightweight formula never leaves any greasy effect on the skin. Its fresh fruity fragrance, natural goodness of fruits, flowers, and other moisturizing elements, and quick-absorbing capacity have made the product an apt choice for winter to get a healthy, glowy skin.

2. Mango Madness Body Yogurt

Mango Madness Body Yogurt new


Now you can enjoy the goodness of mango on your skin throughout a year with Herb Island’s Mango Madness Body Yogurt.  Enriched with mango butter, fenugreek milk, aloe vera juice, shea butter, and other nourishing elements, this is a freshly scented and lightweight skin moisturizer that works wonder on the skin.

3. Bulgarian Rose Body Yogurt

Bulgarian Rose Body Yogurt new

Rose is not just a beautiful flower, it is good to include in your daily skin care routine as well. It provides antioxidants and hydration, heals skin irritation, reduces fine lines, and maintains the skin’s natural oil balance. Now you get a powerhouse formula of rose extracts in a bottle – Herb Island’s Bulgarian Rose Body Yogurt. Infused with rose petals and hibiscus along with other moisturizing elements, this product hydrates and soothes skin without leaving any sticky, greasy effect.

4. Papaya Tomato Lotion

papaya tomato lotion - a skin moisturizer

Being a natural blend of papaya and tomato extract, this lotion hydrates, nourishes, and brightens skin. It also promotes skin health and increases cell regeneration. This lotion gives you a healthy-looking skin naturally.

5. Vitamin C Body Lotion

Vitamin C skin moisturizer

Vitamin C helps in improving skin’s elasticity and gives it a natural brightness. Thus it acts as skin’s best friend throughout the year, especially during winter when skin goes through dry chilly air and temperature fluctuations. Herb Island’s Vitamin C Body Lotion is loaded with vitamin c, shea butter, olive oil, aloe vera juice and other natural moisturizing elements. Daily application of this lotion evens skin tone, removes fine lines and brightens the skin up.

6. Macadamia & Cocoa Butter Body Lotion

Macademia skin moisturizer

To protect skin from dryness and damage, this macadamia & cocoa butter body lotion is the perfect choice for you. Packed with macadamia oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, and olive oil, this lotion nourishes the skin, making it supple and shiny. So, to smell fresh and look glowy all day long, start using this body lotion.

Perfect Natural Face Cleansers for Winter Season

To protect skin from dullness and breakouts, your daily skin care regime must include facial cleansing. Choose a natural skin cleanser to properly clean and hydrate skin.


Herb Island has its facial care range, including face wash for winter, face wash for oily skin, and face wash for dry skin. Some of these are:

  • Vitamin C Face Wash
  • Calendula and Tamarind Cleansing Milk
  • Fruit Fusion Face Wash
  • French Green Clay Face Wash
  • Neem Crush Face Wash

Include a natural face cleanser to daily skin care ritual as the first essential step and find a noticeable difference in your skin.

Don’t Forget to Use Sunscreen in Winter

This is a myth that due to absence of scorching heat during winter, there’s no need to apply sunscreen daily. But as a matter of fact, the chilly weather makes the skin dry and allows harmful UV rays to easily cause sunburn and skin damage. Your skin will thank you if you use natural sunscreen with the right SPF on exposed areas during winter as well. And one of the best natural sunscreens is Herb Island’s Lycopene SPF lotion.

Lycopene SPF Lotion

lycopene spf lotion as skin moisturizer

Loaded with lycopene, soya oil, zinc oxide, coconut oil, glycerin, amla extract, and more, this SPF lotion protects the skin from UV rays, heals sun damage, and moisturizes without leaving any heavy, greasy effect. This is a completely natural product, free from paraben and mineral oil, and suitable for all skin types. Start using natural SPF lotion whenever you plan to go outside this winter.

Why Should you Trust Skin Moisturizers from Herb Island?

Because all the above products are free from sulfate, paraben, petroleum, paraffin wax, and mineral oil. They only give your skin nature’s goodness.

Other Essential Winter Skin Care Tips

You need to follow a skin care routine in winter to combat the weather’s pesky effect. To keep your skin hydrated, rejuvenated, and healthy throughout this harsh weather, today we are going to share with you some essential skin care tips. Let’s get started with these winter skin care tips and keep your skin fresh and revitalized.

Avoid Excessive Exfoliation

If you skip exfoliation during winter, dead cells will obstruct the skin from absorbing the skincare products after application and make skin dehydrated. But, if you overdo it, it will harm your skin. Excessive exfoliation during winter makes skin dryer and irritated. Use natural exfoliator and gently rub that on your skin. Repeat it twice or thrice a week to get the best result.

Eat Right & Stay Hydrated

eat right and stay hydrated

Following a healthy diet and drinking adequate water are the key things to get healthy skin during winter. Include fresh fruits and green vegetables in your diet, have soups, and drink minimum 8-ounce glasses of water daily. Staying hydrated will make you healthy from inside and glowing from outside.

Wear Clothes Made of Comfortable Fabrics

comfortable fabric in winter

Direct skin touch with woolen and rough clothing during winter can cause irritation and itchiness. Thus wear light layers of clothing made of soft fabrics first. Then pull on warmer clothes or sweaters. If you wear gloves, make sure the pair will not irritate your skin. You can wear a pair of cotton liners directly against hand skin first and then put on woolen gloves.

Exercise Daily

Cropped shot of an unrecognizable young man stretching at home

Exercising daily is necessary for not only losing weight or toning a body but also adding a healthy, glowing touch to the skin. Regular exercising helps release stress and improves oxygenated blood flow throughout the body and skin. As a result, you get radiant skin naturally. You can do yoga, aerobics, or brisk walking daily to get the best results.

Never Skip Skin Care Routine

No matter how busy you are every day, you should take some time out for yourself and follow a daily skin care routine. Cleansing, exfoliating, toning, moisturizing, using sunscreen or night cream, hydrating body skin with lotion  – all should be included in your skin care routine. A daily skin care routine will help you maintain soft, hydrated, and rejuvenated skin throughout the winter season.

Don’t Take Hot Showers

A hot shower can cause skin redness, dryness, and inflammation. Use warm water to take shower. Try to use cold water to wash your face and hands if the weather is not too chilly.

Avoid Wearing Wet Clothes for a Long Time

Wearing wet clothes for a long time can cause skin itchiness and irritation. If your socks and clothes get wet, change as soon as possible and wear dry comfortable loose clothes.

Don’t Forget to Moisturize Hands, Feet & Lips

Other than moisturizing the face and body, you should take care of your hands, feet, and lips daily. Use hand cream or body moisturizer for hands. Choose perfect lip balm to moisturize lips, use the right foot cream to repair dry and cracked heels.

Use the Right Makeup

Always apply skin moisturizer before using makeup. Avoid powdery beauty products. Use cream-based or liquid foundation, liquid highlighter, and creamy lipstick. While removing the makeup, always use a natural facial cleanser or gentle makeup remover.

Adjust Thermostat Temperature

When it is frizzy outside, you tend to increase the temperature of the thermostat inside. But remember, too much heat can make the air inside your house drier. So, to maintain a healthy skin in winter, adjust the thermostat temperature to a cool yet snug setting.

Final Thoughts,

Winter is the time when you will see noticeable change in your skin. To fight dryness and irritation, keep your skin protected by following a daily skin care routine with the right products, eating healthy and exercising. The above-discussed tips and products will help you achieve the best version of your skin in the cold, harsh winter season. Follow these skin care secrets and make your skin visibly radiant.

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